Since 2015, Lifestyle Salon Systems has worked with thousands of salon owners around the world. Among this, we see a large proportion who struggle every day with significant challenges. I call this the WARZONE.

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Many are exhausted and completely spent by the relentless demands of running their business.

It becomes difficult to escape the WARZONE and do what’s important to them – like spending time with family and friends or on their fitness and health.

Others feel overwhelmed by the pace of social media and confused about what they need to do.

And many feel quite lonely and isolated in their business, with the worries and responsibilities falling solely on their weary shoulders.

It’s these and the day-to-day 'putting out fires' that keeps you in the WARZONE, with no clear path to escape. And if it sounds familiar – and you’re in the thick of it – it’s incredibly hard to see a way forward. But there is an answer. It’s called The Lifestyle Salon System.

Lifestyle Salon Systems is a revolutionary program for salon owners that gives you renewed energy, greater clarity and better rewards – plus a community who’ll cheer your wins.

People who get on board with Lifestyle Salon Systems quickly reclaim their mojo and something shifts inside of them. And it will for you too.

When you step up and do what’s needed to bring life back to your salon, the possibilities that exist in you and your business is endless.

You’ll refuel your vitality and enthusiasm for your salon.

You’ll also gain a bigger and bolder picture of what you can achieve in your salon, with a clearly laid out plan and stop winging it forever.

Plus you’ll be surrounded by a likeminded, positive community of fellow salon owners. You’ll feel inspired again and enjoy an empowering forum where you can test your ideas and seek advice. You may even create long lasting friendships with salon owners around the world.

But there’s so much more than this.

Sprinkled among these pages you’ll read the stories of many other salon owners who once felt exactly like you do today. Frustrated, overwhelmed, and hungry for something better.

By tapping into all of the amazing resources on offer as part of the Lifestyle Salon Program, they’ve each achieved astounding personal and business success.

Many dramatically boosted their salons takings and their personal wages. Or found a smarter way to operate, that freed them from being chained to their salons.

Many leveraged their expertise, and established themselves as an authority in their field – attracting higher paying clients along the way.

Some did all of the above. There were also significant unexpected benefits that came their way.

Their ability as a leader grew, along with their confidence. Best of all, they started to have fun again in their business.

Work and life got simpler.

They found time, once again, for the important things, and felt happier and more revitalised as a result.

We’ve even had members of Lifestyle Salon System who’ve been inspired to set new physical goals for themselves, such as to become fitter, to run a marathon or to take part in an epic bicycle journey!

When you make a positive change in one area of your life, it’s amazing the spillover effects it has in other parts of your life. Being in business for yourself can be a hard slog. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

That’s why we formed Lifestyle Salon Systems – to elevate salon owners so you can see bigger horizons – and to equip you with ideas and tools to help you create a better salon and enjoy a better life.

The Lifestyle Salon System

Is built around 3 core pillars - ATTRACT clients to your salon, CONVERT them to be loyal clients and DELIVER an exceptional service...

ATTRACT is the message you send out to the world to attract the right client who is looking for a particular salon to call home.

When you look at some of the most successful salons out there, they all have one thing in common: they usually know why they have built their salons and who they are meant to serve. We know that good paying clients that are NOT looking for deals and discounts are looking for ONE thing.... Wouldn't it make sense to find out what they are looking for and let them know you do that ONE thing better than any one else?

CONVERT is making sure once you have clients in the door you don't let them slip away too easily, by converting them to be loyal clients to your brand.

If you haven’t been able to grow your salon, but get plenty of new clients through the door then I am willing to bet you MISSED this step. Convert is the secret sauce to making your business work and its going to become more important as clients become less loyal because other salons will try to bribe them away with discounts and deals. Inside our program, you’ll see exactly how you can convert clients to stay loyal to you much longer than your competitors hold on to their clients.

DELIVER; Systemise everything in your salon to free you from the energy, time-sucking, and unnecessary tasks you do on a daily basis.

When we focus on systemising your salon, this is where things start to run without you being the vital piece making it all work. It’s where onboarding becomes simple because everything has a process. You can finally experience what it’s like to take a vacation without being connected to your salons problems, yet you’re still increasing takings and everything is running smoothly. Inside the program, we focus on systemising the clients journey, staff training, team meetings and every process you and your staff do, from opening up the salon to stock control and cleaning etc.


Lifestyle Salon Systems Can Help With Easy-To-Implement Salon Growth Programs For Your Salon Business – No Matter What The Size Of  Your Salon