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The 3 ways to grow any business even your salon.

With only 3 ways to grow any business, why do so many salon owners get this so wrong, not only to get their salons to survive but to thrive?

The only 3 ways to grow your business:

  1. Get more bums on seats (more clients), 
  2. Get the bums on seats to visit often (to get the clients to come and visit you more regularly)
  3. Get bums on seats to spend more (to get your clients average bill up),    

If it’s as simple as only doing 3 things to get your salon busy then why don’t we do it, why do we struggle so much and why has no one ever said before, that it’s only 3 things we need to spend our time on?

It’s not your fault, no-one has ever shown you how to do it. You spend most of your days putting fires out and working harder to try and make more money. But that way is old fashioned and the new way is simpler than you think. Many salon owners who have mastered the 3 ways to grow their business start to great lifestyle from their salon.

But before you get carried away, first let’s take stock of where you are now and this will determine what you need to do next.

The 3 types of salon owner, which are you?

As a business coach I have observed hundreds and thousands of salon owners around the world and at any given time they are at one of three stages in their salon owners journey. Knowing where your salon sits will help you concentrate on what you should be working on next to take your salon to the next level.

The 3 types of salon owners:

Start up zone: The start up zone is usually year 1 or year 2. It’s the passion that is driving the salon growth and you’re so excited, you don’t even want to pay yourself a wage, you just want to survive and you’re happy with that and you’re happy to work 70 hours a week with little money and the passion is really alive. Clients love you and most clients are referring you like crazy. In fact you get so busy you need to employ 1 or 2 staff members and life is great. The salon is buzzing and you’re proud as punch that the salon is in fact doing far better than you could ever imagine.

War Zone: You enter the war zone naturally as your salon grows. We call it the war zone as most salon owners move into this zone and never get out of it. You know you are in the war zone if you are scared to discipline your staff incase they leave and take their clients with them; you attract clients that you shouldn’t do just because you become desperate and need the money. It’s like a battle field as salons fight over clients and staff, the only way you know how to react is with money, either offering discounts to attract clients, and offering more money to attract staff.

With so many salons doing this every salon owner reacts by doing it more and more. Bigger discounts to attract the clients, and offer more money to attract and keep the staff. This has a massive effect on the salons profits and it soon becomes apparent to you, the salon owner, that things are very tight on the financial front, the bills are starting to pile up to a really scary amount and you’re wondering how on earth you’re going to be able to pay them. The bills start to come fast and furious and takings take a nose dive, the staff lose their passion and morale and then the reality really hits home. The staff are NOT pulling their weight (it’s not their fault, doing cheap work, with clients they don’t like, this is not what they wanted when they became a hairdresser or beautician). You get angry with them and start to pass the blame onto them. 

With the added pressure of staff today being more demanding and not wanting to work late nights, nor wanting to work weekends, and of course wanting more money, they too feel that they could do a better job than you and they soon feel that owning a salon themselves is a good idea, once that seed is set, the battle is lost. That results in a lot of smaller salons opening in your town that are fighting for the same clients as you. 

It’s a war zone out there!

You cannot take anymore as your passion is slowly slipping away and everything starts to annoy you, the pressure is on and you react to every no show, every sick day that the staff have and before you know it, you have become your old boss, stressed and desperate. You will know you are in this zone if you are working long hours, the busiest person in the salon and may even pay yourself less than your staff. The bills rise so big that you either have to use your own private money to keep the salon afloat or put your bills and taxes on credit and that is the first stage of the slippery slope to closing your salons door.

If that’s you at the moment just breathe a little, we are here to help you build the steps needed to take your salon out of this war zone and into the lifestyle zone. You will need to learn some simple business skills.

The 3 steps of growing a business to get your salon out of this depressing zone. If you get to learn these simple formulas, then you will move into what we call the lifestyle zone. And that’s when life really becomes interesting.

Lifestyle Zone: The lifestyle zone is all about the salon being a destination and not you. You tend to work less hours on the salon floor and spend more of your working day driving the business to be better, you get paid an awful lot more money for the amount of work you do. In fact for most salon owners in this zone they pay themselves what they want. It means that you’ve got more control, the business isn’t about you anymore, the business is about the salon and we call that the lifestyle zone because that’s usually where you start living the lifestyle that you wanted when you first opened your own salon all those years ago. You can take holidays when you like and your staff know that you are there to drive the business and make them better at what they do.

When you have systems in place and money in your bank account it’s amazing how most of your troubles disappear. Your staff are all booked out and you have time to work the hours you want. You have the time to get to learn new techniques that grow your salon faster, you get time off with your family and the salon staff are proud, because they have great high paying clients and you pay them a decent wage.

In the lifestyle zone you have more money, more purpose and more freedom.

Are you ready to take the journey of your lifetime and finally get your salon working for you?

Simply email me at richard@isaloncoaching.com with the subject Lifestyle Salon System and i’ll do the rest.