Richard McCabe is The Lifestyle Salon Coach. Based in Australia and the United Kingdom, Richard is truly international, with a client base across the globe. Spending his life behind the chair and owning multiple salons around the world, he is passionate to eradicate the myth that owning a salon is just a hobby.

'I remember the day I became a salon coach and not a salon owner anymore. I only worked a few days in my salon as it was fully systemised and ran without me. I then decided to start coaching and help others on my days off. It was a Thursday morning and I was driving to the salon when I received a message from one of my coaching clients saying she had just had a full staff walk out. My mind was working overtime trying to come up with a fix for her. I was very distant with my staff and clients that day as my mind was elsewhere. My loyal staff member said to me, "Richard, your clients are talking to you and you're not even listening to them." It was then that I realised I couldn't run a salon AND coach and give both 100% of my love. That night I went home and put my salon up for sale. The fire in my belly to help salon owners make a good living from their salons was greater than working in my own salon. I recieved 4 bids for my systemised, money making salon within a week.

The Lifestyle Salon Coach was born.

I help salon owners take their salons from the 'Warzone' to the 'Lifestyle Zone.' Many salon owners became salon owners due to being good at what they do. Its their passion and skill that grows their salon fast but it only takes them so far. Every salon that is driven by the owners passion will stagnate eventually, as it takes more than passion to get their salon into the 'Lifestyle Zone.' They need strategies and knowledge to get their salon to the next level. I show them simple strategies that they can quickly implement in their salons to make sure that every aspect of their salon and business is running productively.

I have a natural skill to instantly see why salons are unprofitable and how to turn them around fast. I love being creative (thats my hairdresser side coming out) and enjoy building strategies online and live events to motivate and inspire salon owners to fall in love with their salons again.

After a very fruitful, successful career as a salon owner, I always said that one day I would share everything I had learned. Over the last 25 years owning muliple salons, I have learned the right and the wrong way to grow businesses and I want to show salon owners the fastest way without making too many painstaking or financially disastrous mistakes that can put them back years. I have always enjoyed helping people. I helped my clients feel special and more beautiful and my loyal staff make more money, go off and buy salons themselves and impact others. Now I believe the time is right to help other salon owners enjoy being a salon owner again, without missing out on family time.

I took all the strategies that were succesful in my salon and created a 9-step system online that I could easily teach and coach, to help salon owners learn how to make their staff productive, systemise their businesses so they can work the hours they want and to start making really good money for themselves - this, in essence is a true Lifestyle Salon.