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Conquer the crisis 

We are in unprecedented times, never seen before and you need strategies NOW for when lockdown is over, to rebuild relationships with staff and clients and to start putting money back in your till. Salon-life will resume and I want you to be ready.

Learn and implement my exclusive 'Pivot, Protect and Profit' strategies in this online course 



Profit Now System in Your Salon

In this course I will show you exactly how to maximise cashflow when you’re running your salon business.

Why do you need to put 'Cashed Up - Profit Now' in your salon? Many of us don’t put our profits first. We may think that we do, but we actually don’t. The main reason for that is most salon owners are following a broken method of paying bills first, then what ever is left over you take. This method is flawed for salon owners and I want to show you why. 


Knowing your numbers 

Goals and Targets 

In this workshop, you will look start by looking back and finding what got you to this point then we can move you forward.  

You'll learn to plan your salons goals for the year based on actual facts. See how many clients you are losing and how to stop it. Forecast every staff members targets for the year, based on previous years and motivate your team with figures they actually understand.

Social Media Networking Global Communications Connection Concept


In this online course you will build 365 days of marketing, so every post is planned to get your salon to be the NO 1 in your area. You'll learn to plan a marketing strategy that actually gets clients in the salon, so every post lifts your salon's profile.

How to fill your salon any time you want to fill your staff, so they hit 3x wage easy.

To make your staff busy equals happy staff and that means they stay loyal to you.

To attract more clients in the salon, which means more profit for you.