The Lifestyle Salon Owner: The 9 Strategies That Drive Your Salon From The War Zone To The Lifestyle Zone

The Lifestyle Salon Owner: The 9 Strategies That Drive Your Salon From The War Zone To The Lifestyle Zone

Let’s face it – the hair and beauty salon world today is nothing like it was five years ago. The world outside your salon has changed and if you do not change with it your salon will be left behind.

Being a great hairdresser or a brilliant beautician is not good enough for your salon to succeed anymore. If you want your salon to do more than survive you need to master the art of driving new business into your hair and beauty salon doors.

Salon budgets are tighter, consumers are more skeptical, and social media has changed forever the way in which we talk to our clients.

Many hair and beauty salon owners are fighting everyday trying to attract good quality clients into their salons, but with so many salons popping up all the time they are fighting for the clients attention. With so many salons comes choice for the new client! If the new client cannot differentiate your salon from all the others then you will be judged on price.

The average person is being bombarded with 4000 adverts a day and has shut off from seeing people’s ads. Have you noticed that ads are not working now?
This book will teach you how to cut though every other salons posts and ads, and make sure that they don’t just notice you, but that you are the salon they call first when they move salons.

But most salons cannot attract clients without specials or discounts. That’s because there are too many salons in town that are trying to attract clients on price. If you’re doing the same it’s a dangerous game to play. Unless you’re the cheapest salon in town you will always be fighting for clients in the War Zone.

When you know how to ATTRACT the right clients, CONVERT those clients into raving fans, and DELIVER a remarkable service, you will have all the tools necessary to rapidly grow your salon business to be the salon you dream of and deserve.

This step by step guide to a lifestyle salon teaches you the only 3 ways to grow your salon:

• Get more bums on seats (more clients)

• Get bums on seats to visit more often (get the clients to return faster using their data base)

• Get bums on seats to spend more (the only way of doing that is to up the customer service value)

This book is designed to help you with those three elements, using cutting-edge proprietary strategies and tools.

If you attract the right client, the ones that want a good service and are happy to pay for it, they will stay loyal to your salon for longer.

As Australia’s fastest growing Lifestyle Salon Coach, I am the expert in growing salons this way. I currently use these 9 strategies for hundred’s of salons worldwide.

If you’re looking to get your salon to stand out from all the others then the strategies in this book when implemented will not only make your salon stand out to prospective clients, but they will make your salon give you the rewards that you deserve for all your hard work.


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