Want Knockout “Salon Growth Ideas” For Your Salon Business?

If you’re the owner or manager of a hair or beauty salon & you need more clients and more salon takings.  Richard McCabe is one of the world’s leading salon lifestyle experts, with his ideas being responsible for over 130 salons growing their salons from the WARZONE to the LIFESTYLE SALON.. His incredibly successful “client attraction system” works across all types of salon businesses from newly start ups to over a million dollar turnover salons and everything in-between. The Lifestyle Salon Coach Can Help With “Easy To Implement” Marketing Programs For YourSalon Business – No Matter What The Size Of Your Salon


 How To Become A Lifstyle Salon Owner!

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Lifestyle Salon Systems Can Help With “Easy To Implement” Salon Growth Programs For Your Salon Business – No Matter What The Size Of  Your Salon

How To Save Thousands Of Dollars Of Your Money! Learn The Little Known Secrets How To Get Your Clients To Be Loyal To Your Salon!

Client say's “When we first tried this out, we were skeptical. But seeing the bank account grow and the salon fully booked, we were absolutely blown away.”

Are you a busy salon but come the end of the week there is nothing left in the pot?

That means your salon is leaking money, and you will NEVER grow your salon in to the Lifestyle Salon it could be.
I see this so many times as the leading expert in getting salons into the Lifestyle Zone.
To plug those holes, to fix them for good, you need a system and I will show this system.

Wherever you are on your salon journey we have you covered.

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Are your salon takings not growing?

But you are working harder than ever!

Learn how to grow your salon in 2018 with proven a proven way to use the Lifestyle Salon System. Attract|Convert|Deliver.


The ultimate lifestyle salon marketing book.

This step by step guide to a lifestyle salon teaches you the only 3 ways to grow your salon:

If you attract the right client, the ones that want a good service and are happy to pay for it, they will stay loyal to your salon for longer.


What does it take to grow your salon fast enough so you leave the WARZONE behind?

You need to build strong foundations if you want your salon to grow strong and FAST.

This Foundational course is designed for salons from start up to maturity. You will be in the WARZONE and need FAST action to start making money RIGHT NOW.

The Lifestyle Salon Coach philosophy is simple


The times have changed and being good at your trade is not enough, so why do salon owners find it so difficult  to make their salons successful?

With 80% of salon owners crashing and burning within 5 years, the odds are stacked against you. I don’t believe they were all bad at what they did, what they were bad at was attracting clients and keeping them. You see the clients have changed, they are savvier than ever and are wanting more. 


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My Strategy Works

“ Since joining Isalon I have gained clarity and direction- I understand the figures and the benchmarks! I am just like any stylist, I work well to targets and it's great to have someone set them for you and to hold you accountable.

The investment is worth it and I would recommend Richard and Isalon to everyone- I cannot wait to see where this next year will take me and with Richard behind me that could be anywhere! ........"




“ Thank you Richard for bringing ALOT of things to my awareness for the short time I've known you.

It's great to have an outside person with a " non attached " perspective who has been and done exactly what their teaching!

Looking forward to the journey ahead"




“Richard has helped me look at my business with fresh eyes - I have been in business 11 years and have done ok now with Richard "Just ok" is a  thing of the past. Thank you Richard!"




Ecstatic Salon Owners Using The Lifetyle Salon System

A nonsense salon coach that is helping me Mcdonaldise my salon. I jumped in even though I knew it would hurt me financially

An established salon owners in the war zone that needed her salon improving in many ways! " Richard helped me see the clarity of what needed to be done"

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