The Power Of Marketing Momentum

Every day, we are subjected to literally thousands of marketing messages and promises – in your email, your Facebook newsfeed, plastered on billboards, on the radio, on TV and in your letterbox. Everyone’s trying to get their message through. So how can your marketing messages cut through all this noise? In this cluttered marketing environment,…

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How to make your salon a success.

Give Me An Hour And I’ll Show You How To Add $100,000 To Your Salons Takings If you’re working long hours for little return then something in your salon isn’t right. To grow your salon you will need clients full stop, but most salons cannot attract clients without specials or discounts. That’s because there are…

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Stop Chasing Clients

NEVER chase a client again. Yes, I’m serious. Over the next few days I’m going to share with you why your salon might not be doing as well as it could and the fault lies with you. ☹️ Sorry 

I understand that as a salon owner you need clients. 

You have bills to pay….wages to meet.…

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