Richard McCabe

You may be finding that you are getting less and less new clients, or your ads have stopped working, or you are attracting the wrong clients, or clients just don’t return.
If that’s you then read on………………..

With the evolution and popularity of social media it’s become easier and easier to connect with like minded people all around the world. We’re so used to connecting with like minded people that when someone goes and chooses a new hair or beauty salon they want to connect with like minded people also.
If they cannot find a connection with you, they will keep looking until they find a salon owner that they do have a connection with. So it has never, ever before been more apparent that people buy from people they like. They need to know you, they need to know things about you, they need to trust you and they need to believe in you.

More and more people are choosing to buy from people they like.
If you’re in business then you’re in the people business because business is people and takings are the numbers.
On average 67% of the people in your town are checking you and your salon out right now, to see if you are the sort of person that they want to do business with, that they want to connect with, and if they like you!
Because of social media things have changed.
And the way you attract clients has changed.
What do we know……….

  1. People buy from people they like.
  2. Business is people.
  3. Birds of a feather flock together.

So that makes the old USP a little old fashioned.

The Old Way: You needed a USP, a unique selling point.
The New Way: Your Core Story. 
Get your core story correct and your prospective clients will believe in you, will feel they belong to your salon and if people believe your core story they will stay more loyal to your salon, to the core, to you, because you cannot only fix their problem, but that you built the salon for them, and they will feel content that when they walk in your salon it feels like home. 

This is why when you google restaurants, cafes, salons, garages and holidays and you make a choice based on what you read. Well that’s their core story and you fell for it.
That’s how you too can attract people that LOVE you already.
Can you see how price isn’t even a factor in this?

So many people don’t even think about what clients they want never mind how they are going to find them.
This is the core to everything you do.
We dedicate a month on this topic in my Lifestyle Salon program. It’s what makes our coaching clients stand out.


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