Are Your Employees Only Looking After Themselves



Richard McCabe

Are your employees only looking after themselves?

You know the ones, the ones that have a big clientele, their rebooks are through the roof and sell more retail than anyone else in the salon.
If you think I’ve gone crazy or you think that this is a mistake then you need to listen on……..

Your first impression of this statement is Richard are you MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is the perfect employee…
Because most salon owners seem to have the same problem, their staff seem to have a problem with client retention being poor, retail sales not being good enough and low rebooks. These owners would chop off their arm to have staff who are that passionate?
Are they passionate????

Let’s come back to that statement……..
Most salon owners complain that the staff are not passionate, but what they really mean is they are not rebooking or selling retail. And a lot of salon owners find it really hard to get their staff to hit set targets because they don’t want to upset them.

So, I understand WHY salon owners want that ‘GOLDEN EGG’ stylist or therapist.

It’s a short cut to more money and a busy salon.
But, as you know or will soon find out there are NO short cuts to a successful salon.

But, what clients and you really need is consistency….
As the salon owner who can get average staff to perform like superstars will always be more successful.
You see owning a salon is a marathon, not a sprint……..
If you master the client satisfaction mastery, if you get this right, your retail, your rebooks and your client retention will go through the roof naturally.

Clients like predictability and they like to feel comfortable and most clients do like to buy, they just don’t like being sold to.
A salon that can replicate a great service time and time again will always thrive.

With client retention averagely sitting at 74% many salons lose over 26% of their current clients due to inconsistent staff, unpassionate staff, de-motivated staff.
It’s about replicating a fantastic experience time and time again.

Think about this for one second.
You want………….

  • Passionate
  • Busy
  • Motivated
  • Money-Driven
  • Great Rebooker
  • High Selling Retail
  • Big $$$ Takings


That’s why this is so dangerous for your salon!!!!!
So what’s the answer?

We know you are in a ‘repeat business’ business. So if you can ATTRACT clients to your salon and keep them, get them to LOVE what you do and they do not leave, your salon will soon be full of high paying clients.
So all you need to do is make sure EVERY staff member prefers the same perfect routine every single day, every single week.

This is where you are called to build a system for your salon where you will teach them HOW you want things done, when you want them done and by whom.
This is all about YOU taking back control of your salon.
This is THE most important thing you should be working on in your salon.

If you’ve been in business long enough you’re going to know one thing. If you don’t know this yet, it may be brewing as we speak.
Superstars don’t stay around for long, they have other agendas.
They came to you with lots of clients because they took them from their old salon and when they leave your salon they’re going to take a bunch of your clients too. You’re going to feel the drop hugely.

They’ll leave with your clients.

They may even open a salon down the road, they may even take some of your staff members with them. So if you get this salon standard system right, you don’t need a salon full of superstars to make lots of money.

You’re much better off with a salon full of average performing workers that are following a superstar system and that way the system always stays with the salon, YOUR salon.

Not only that but the average performing staff member loves working for you. Why, because it’s the only place they can hit their commissions, their rebooks are up and their retail is through the roof. They feel as if they belong to something bigger than themselves.

If you are interested in learning how to turn your staff into superstar earners with a system then check this out.

Then you can decide if you want to take the next step.



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