Biggest mistakes that salon owners make getting new clients.



Richard McCabe

What every salon owner is hungry for is the continual flow of new clients, an abundance of fresh blood rushing in their door, the flow of prospective customers who, in turn, become new clients, who with your love, you will turn them into raving fans and they will be loyal to your salon until the end. 
Your dream of having a fully booked pumping salon, all staff booked out, your only problem in this dream world is how are you going to do all these new clients that keep calling your salon?  Do you think that life would be so much easier if this was the reality? 

  • ” If only I could get them to call, we would win them over” 
  • ” If only they would pop in the salon and see how great the fit out is, and how we would really treat them well” 
  • ” If only I could get their attention” 

You need to treat how you look for new clients seriously. You need a plan and a consistent one; you need to always be looking for your ideal client, and always trying to attract them.
Needing to advertise to fill a quiet week will only waste your marketing money, and BTW, if you don’t have a marketing budget, I suggest you start planning to get one. ‘Speculate to accumulate’ as they say! Planning to get new clients is a non stop endeavour, when you stop attracting new clients, your salon stops growing, it’s as simple as that, and if you’re not growing you’re dying.  

A salon that stops attracting new clients is like borrowing fruits from the past. Your rewards from a fruit tree, is what you get when you tend, love, feed and take care of it, it will reward you later when you need the fruit. But if you stop tending to it, and it is no longer cared for, as hardy as it might be, there will come a time when it will stop bearing fruit.  If you’re serious about growing your salon, get serious about talking, attracting and keeping new clients.The big mistakes that salon owners tend to make is that they try something once and say, “that didn’t work, I won’t do that again”. 

In today’s world there are so many channels available to you, some old school, some new and creative. I don’t think I need to name a list here, you all know what is out there.  When selecting which channels to use, most salon owners make the mistake of using one of these applications and because everybody else does it this way, and you think their ads work, you copy them.  In this approach, you choose what everyone else uses, and copy the same ads, because if they’re doing it, it must be the best way. You just want it handed to you on a silver platter. In this approach, you choose the method that requires the least effort on your part, the advertising person called, the newspaper called, a rep called and you signed up, thinking it will all work out. Or some salon owners prefer the shot in the dark method. In this approach, you try something for a while, if it doesn’t seem to be working, you try something else. You never seem to get results, or know why, you just keep trying something until it works. And some owners love this one, they have always done it this way, and it gives them some results. You just always have a favorite and you stick with it, even though you have no idea if it is working or not. As long as you know that your name is getting out there, you’re happy and besides you’re too busy to look into anything else. This is also known as throwing good money after bad. With so many choices, how do you know which one is for you? If that’s the case for you why not just advertise in the local paper, or Yellow Pages and be done with it.  

The right choices will make your money go a lot further, more bang for your buck.  A little more time spent looking at the type of clients you want to attract, and finding out where these clients hang out. That’s the simplest thing I know.  Once you know where they hang out, start a conversation with them. How do you know which channels attract your ideal client? Choose ones that are credible, and appropriate, if they think the source is credible they will think you are too.  So not to take new client attraction and marketing seriously could be the difference between your salon growing, getting stale or even dying. 

So stop being lazy and start thinking about what it takes in 2019 to be successful. 

  • YOU must know how to attract new clients period. 
  • YOU must know where your clients are coming from. 
  • YOU must know how to keep the new clients to grow your salon. 

Did you see the pattern? It’s YOU.

So stand up, draw a line in the sand, your team are waiting for you to do what is called of YOU. 

Richard McCabe

‘The Lifestyle Salon Coach’

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