Richard McCabe

Problems do not just go away on their own because you ignore them, they just fester until they take you to a place where you run out of choices.
If you are feeling out of control? Have problems that you are ignoring for whatever reason?


I remember my first day owning and opening my very first salon, I was excited, I was giddy, I couldn’t wait to open the doors, I thought it was going to be so easy. I thought the clients would come in droves and they would love me, because I was really good at hairdressing.
I always found it easy to build a full clientele, so it wouldn’t be long before the salon would be full to the brim, I’d be making loads of money, living in a nice big house and driving a big flash car and everyone knowing that I’d made a success of it, that I was a success! It wasn’t long before the reality hit home and my excitement and dreams were a distant memory.

I know for a lot of salon owners the reality of owning their salon and the dream they expected are sometimes miles apart.
I know it’s hard to ask for help, or tell others how you are REALLY doing.
But the moment you face up to the fact that something isn’t right, or not working then you can address it and make it happen.
There is always a way to turn around any salon.

Let me tell you about a client of mine who was ignoring what she thought was right and was listening to others to grow her salon, in fact by the time she contacted me she had two salons.
They were both losing her money every week. One salon alone was eating over $2,000 a week from her personal account.
It was hard for her to hear the TRUTH but it needed to be said. We crunched some numbers and made a plan of action. From that moment on, she knew what she wanted to do.
It wasn’t easy for her, she had to admit to the staff that she couldn’t afford to pay them, and to even close salon number 2 down.
She was embarrassed that EVERYONE would think she was a loser.
Even salon number 1 had a staff walk out.
Well when you promise high wages and you cannot afford it, then something has to give.
So she dug deep, we set a plan of action and off to work she went.
Starting point, ground zero. In debt to the tune of $60,000, no staff and no one to look after the clients before they went to another salon.
But she was not ignorant any more.
She was crystal clear on her path.
And off to work she went.
Fast forward 15 months and she has repaid all her debt.
Has a team of 5 and all of them are smashing their targets.
She has even expanded her salon as she has outgrown her current one.

This is NOT a story of bragging, this is a story of ignorance.
Decide from today that you will fix it, and stop ignoring the biggest issue.
That issue is YOU.
You can do this.

When you’re ready here are ways I can help you…

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