Have you got foundations laid out ready to build your salon strong?



Richard McCabe

Every salon has 3 phases that it goes through!
Phases required to transform your salon into lifestyle business.
Now most salon owners never get to create a lifestyle salon because…

  • They totally skip phase #1 and assume that their staff will be able to perform as good as them (big mistake)
  • They totally don’t get phase #2 and get stuck with inconsistent results.
  • Or, they hardly focus on phase #3 and keep running after quick money instead of building a system that’s reliable, sustainable and scalable (the holy grail of marketing).

If you’re curious to find all about these 3 phases, read on


Most salon owners are good at what they do, they can get clients in the salon, fill their column and keep clients coming back. The problem with that is at this stage the salon owners take on staff to help with the clients they are now turning away. It’s easy with one or two staff members, but when you get more than that it becomes very apparent to your staff, to clients and eventually to you that your winging it and not in control at all. 


As the salon moves into phase #2 clients start to drop off and your bills are high, staff are getting grumpy with each other, gaps appear, you struggle to pay the bills and now you are getting snappy too. You start asking yourself questions and blaming the staff. Why are the staff not doing their job? Why are they losing clients? Why has their work suddenly gone uncaring? 


The gaps are getting bigger and you stopped your marketing months ago. Your focus is on working harder on the floor to make more money, you have no time at all. You even stop marketing to save money or panic and start discounting. At this phase you are desperate and will do anything to get clients in the door. 

With staff that are costing  you money and bills eating all your cash flow you start to cut hours or let some staff go. Contacting your salon at this stage is the right decision to make but also the start of your salons demise.

Your passion has gone, the only thing that got you busy in the first place.
So how do you stop this happening?

You need to plan. 

You know it’s coming.
You need a system to make 10X you, so clients love the salon. It’s your role to turn every staff member into superstar money making machines.

You need time to train your team, freedom from working the floor to actually building a business.

You need a system that attracts new clients who LOVE you salon even before they have stepped foot in it.

When you build a house you need first to do the ground work. 

Lay The Foundations

Without them the house is unstable, vulnerable and in danger of collapse.
Have you got foundations laid out ready to build your salon strong?

I hope this will be helpful.


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