How I changed my salon for the better



Richard McCabe


A few years ago, I did something that COMPLETELY changed the direction of my life and salon business…I STOPPED working 6 days a week. 


  • Succumbing to the pressure of having to do all the clients…
  • Being the busiest person in the salon…
  • Feeling like I had to earn all the money to show the team that I was the number 1 earner…

I figured out a short cut to a successful salon
How would you like a short cut yourself?

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In the salon business world, there are *experts* and *gurus* who make you believe that the ONLY way to make more money is by…

  • Working harder  
  • Making your team superstar
  • Give away discounts all the tim
  • Pressure your staff to sell more retail

And I couldn’t disagree more!

In reality, pressuring your staff to sell more retail is crazy, they’ll resent you for it, and to make them superstars, you will regret it the day they leave to open their own salon down the road.

And don’t talk to me about working harder, pfft I have the T-shirt on that, I’m all about working smarter

I used to believe I had to be the busiest and best stylist in my salon. But, the harder I worked the more my salon was reliant on me.It actually imprisoned me.

If I didn’t work the salon I LOST money! 

And that meant I couldn’t have…….

  • Holidays
  • Be ill
  • Take time off to train staff
  • Spend time with my family

I decided to change things for the better as I couldn’t take it anymore! 
And do you know what I did next? 


It didn’t kill me, neither did it even hurt my business. 
In fact, I started making MORE money without putting myself through HELL. 
And the core of working less on the floor was to train my team to perform like me.
That meant building a system that clients would LOVE, staff would LOVE and my bank account would LOVE.
And to be honest not one client cared, they just wanted LOVE.
That left me with more time to train my team, re-work my systems and find new clients.
The salon grew FAST.

I wasted years trying to work harder to make the salon grow.
Eventually all salons will stagnate unless the owners take time off to reflect and work on the business side of running a salon.

I’m unlocking some of my secrets and sharing them with you in my lifestyle webinar. In this webinar, I’ll be sharing a simple framework that helps salon owners build systems to growth all day, every day.
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