How to earn more money in your salon without working more hours



Richard McCabe

Either you can work harder in your salon or you can learn how to get your salon working harder for you.

How do you get your salon working harder for you?You always need to be working on areas of your business that grow the salon takings. We call them Salon Foundations.

Foundation building is spending your time in the ONLY 3 ways to increase any business – attracting quality new clients to your salon, filling your white spaces (because if you have them, you are losing clients) and lastly, by building the best client experience the client has ever seen. That way they pay more and get more value.You can work the same hours in a day and get the same result until you learn how to get maximum results for the same time in your day.

Everything you do should be on perfecting the foundations of your salon.

Every salon owner that works on their salons foundations can expect up to 30% growth in takings and beyond, without adding any more working hours to their day. Now thats getting their salon working for them.

The 3 Foundation-building core systems

  1. Attract- Become the ‘Authority’ salon in your area. Everyone wants to go to the best! This is when you take ‘what’ you do in your salon and explain this to prospective clients that don’t even know you yet. By using this foundation technique you should expect a 10% increase in new clients to your salon.
  2. Convert- In a world where clients are less loyal than ever before, (resulting in white spaces in your salons diary), you need to set up a ‘keep in touch’ system. With new client retention sitting at 25% and current client retention at 76% it’s apparent that most salon owners are losing a lot of clients. You need a foundation system to ‘keep in touch’ and do your best to stop losing so many clients. With little effort you can the impact the statistics in your favour and increase client visits by 10% over the year.
  3. Deliver- The biggest and best foundation you need to be building is the ‘client journey’. This is where you get to make your salon the destination, not you or any particular staff member. This foundation is so important because it not only increases your average client spend by 10% with ease, but it protects you from superstars leaving and stealing all the clients (if you have ever had a key staff member leave you, you know it hurts financially for a long time).

Working on these three salon foundations takes no more of your time than what you are working on now. They take no more money but the result is outstanding to your salons takings.

If you are finding your salons takings have stagnated or you’re not growing at the pace you would like, I guarantee you are missing 1 or 2 of your salons foundations.How many do you need to work on in YOUR salon?

If you are interested in learning and implementing these foundations, I’d love to have a 10 min chat to see which roadblocks are stopping your salon from working for you.


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