How to get your Facebook post from lookers to bookers.



Richard McCabe

Every client that leaves a salon and who is looking for another salon to call home does so because their current salon failed them in some way.
They either didn’t achieve what they wanted or they left because they couldn’t fix their problem.
So we know that if we can fix their problem or give them what they want we have a client for life.
When a client doesn’t even know you exist they need to know you CAN help them and YOU understand their NEEDS and you have a way to FIX it.
When you want to attract new clients you need to catch their eye first and foremost depending on the outcome you deliver for your clients — there are three core components I want you to keep in mind: a Problem, a Promise, and a Process.

These 3 components are the foundation of your marketing strategy.

The Problem
First thing I want you to think about is your ‘Ideal Client’. What’s the main problem they’re desperate to fix? So, let’s find some blank wall space and grab a stack of post-it notes.
On the left-hand side of your wall, list out all of your prospective clients frustrations and fears, one per Post-it Note. The Problem you’re solving is made out of these frustrations and fears.
Get a big fat list together on that wall.
The Promise
Now we’ll go to the other side of the wall and make The Promise.
At the end of the service, what’s the result they desperately are looking for? These are your prospective clients wants and aspirations. They want to get away from their problems and move towards these wants and aspirations.
Cool, so far we’ve got The Problem and The Promise.
The Process
The next piece is The Process, the way you get your clients from their problem to your promise. So we’re going to figure out the process you will undertake to make them happy.
This is the PROOF, that you can deliver on what they want.
Again, using post-it notes, list out all the steps and then shuffle them into order. You might need to delete a couple or merge a few together to get a consistent level or “feel.” We’re looking for the key steps to build a solid understanding of how you are going to achieve their result.
Now you’ve got a problem to solve, a promise you can make, and a process for moving your clients towards a result. You’ve got the makings of a killer marketing system.

Just remember: Problem + Promise + Process = Clients on tap.

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