Richard McCabe

Did you know that most salons that I get to work with DO NOT have a problem finding clients!

At first they think it’s, ‘I cannot get my staff busy’; but when we dive deep into their numbers we see that new clients are coming to the salon.So that only leaves one explanation!


And the dangerous thing about that is…………….Once they are gone, they are GONE FOREVER. You can NEVER get them back. Don’t get me wrong all salons, good and bad, lose clients; around 26% of your clients will leave you this year. THAT IS NORMAL, but still scary facts. Do you want to know what’s more scary? 2/3 of those will leave you because your salon systems failed them and you. YEP, your systems just didn’t cut the grade. So attract as many clients as you can, that will not help you. You WILL eventually run out of clients in your city or town.

Has your marketing stopped working? Because the day you stop attracting is the day you will feel the pain in your bank account. Tighten up your systems. Give the clients LOVE, lots of it. FILL THOSE LEAKING HOLES IN YOUR SALON AND YOU SOON WILL SEE YOUR BANK ACCOUNT RISE LIKE THE TIDE AGAIN.

I promise you it’s worth every bit of energy you dedicate to this!…When you’re ready here are ways I can help you…

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