Is Your Salon Not Making Enough Money?



Richard McCabe

Is Your Salon Not Making Enough Money?

Here’s How to Fix It!

Of most of the salon owners I get to speak to, this is their number 1 issue. They work hard, have good working staff but at the end of the week there just doesn’t seem to be any money left over.

So why is this?

Generally most salon owners track the wrong numbers in their salons. They trust the numbers in their computer systems and just cannot see where things are going wrong. They cannot see what’s missing or what’s broken.

At Lifestyle Salon Systems we teach our clients the ‘5dials’ method of tracking.

They just work out for themselves 5 simple KPI’s that are real and relevant to their salon.

These ‘5dials’ tell them everything they need to know about what’s happening in their salon right now.

If the salon has growth, has stalled or is in decline, and it’s up to the minute.

Whereas most salons software just tells them history on pages and pages.

Get to grip with the important numbers that matter.

That way you can make the correct decisions to keep your salon moving.

With only 3 ways to grow your salon why make it harder than it needs to be.


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