Let Me Show You How To Run A Successful Salon



Richard McCabe

When will you wake up to reality? 

Sooner or later salon owners realize that owning a salon is more than cutting hair or a few nice nails.
You opened your salon doors without any help or business acumen, thinking that you were good at your craft and you would be successful. 

It soon becomes apparent that it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be……….. Getting burned out, you start cutting corners as you try to pay bills and just survive.  

Having been down the road of building three salons from scratch, partnering with other salons and researching hundreds of salon data. I have discovered commonalities among successful salon owners.

I’ll tell you one thing right off the bat, it sure isn’t common thinking. So, ignore what you have learned in business school, forget what you think you know about marketing and throw out the old style of management. There is a new generation of salon owners and it is time for the new modus operandi.

Your salon can no longer afford the luxury of you, a manager without a clue, winging it every week, working from paycheck to paycheck. 
If you had two bad months in your salon would you survive? A salon owner in today’s world needs to be truthful to themselves, be courageous, soulful and have a plan of action.

The salon needs to be built around you and your dreams.

Fill your salon with people you want to do life with, share moments of history together. You need what is true and attract the right clients and staff that want to be part of your dream.

Have you watered down your dream just to make money to survive?
I have seen salon owners; cheapen themselves so they attract all clients, the ones they want and the ones they don’t, even staff. After a conversation I had with a salon owner recently she tells me she is so desperate to get staff that if they have a pulse they get the job. This is old style salon ownership and they will always be looking for help.  The new way to a successful salon is to build it around you.

What is your passion?
What are your core values?

This isn’t new, this was the way it was many years ago, salon owners used to train their own, and knew the exact client they wanted, they wouldn’t get into a price war, they had clients, but it came easy to them, they were taught this by their mentors. It has been watered down over the years. But today we are all lazy including me; we all want it now and skip a few steps.

  • Do you need more staff? 
  • Do you breed your own or employ fully qualified staff?
  • Do you teach the staff how to build a clientele and teach them how to upsell, with services?

Or do you prefer staff to bring in their own clients? And shout at them when their average bill is down?  This, my friend, is your journey and it’s your choice.

Are you going to take the easy route or the right route?
Are you going to be true to yourself and share your core beliefs with your team? Set standards and keep to them. 
Will you look at learning the business side of your salon?
Learn the important numbers and set targets and goals?

You will reap what you sow.

If you want to look for a different way it will be hard at the start like going to the gym, your muscles will ache but after a while, your muscles grow and it will get easier. 
I promise you that the more you know about the business side of owning a salon the more money you will make.
Is this the year you turn it all around?

Your Journey – Your Choice

Richard McCabe
‘The Lifestyle Salon Coach’

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