The biggest mistake salon owners make with their customer service!



Richard McCabe

I hear so many salon owners tell me that they offer great customer service when in fact it’s rubbish. They get mixed up with what customer service actually is. What they have is great customer care and that’s totally different. Just because you offer great customer care doesn’t mean that your customer service is any good at all.  Most fail!!! 

Let’s break the two down…………. 


Building your salon around a customer care system is one of the most important things you can do as a salon owner. This means you are listening to what your clients needs are and delivering on them.  You offer great music to make the ambience just right, you source good coffee and tea, and you even serve it on a nice silver tray. You look after the client as they arrive, carry out a great consultation and send them out of the salon looking fantastic.  You care about them and drive your team to learn more skills to deliver better and better results.  This customer care you are delivering will do you well and grow your salon so far. Most salon owners do this well, we know what the client wants and you have a natural ability to deliver high standards to your clients. So now you are the same as most salons………. But who wants to be the same? This brings us to the one point that differentiates the boys from the men-the good salons from the mediocre ones Who opened their salon to be mediocre? 


Good customer service is what can make your salon or break your salon. This is NOT about your services, your music choice or the type of coffee you stock. This is about building a system in your salon to make the experience of clients doing business with you better and better. I call it the client journey and it was the deciding factor that grew my salons FAST. Clients commented how good we were. Staff loved a system that made them more money. It’s what attracted new staff members to us.

 A customer service is HOW you deliver the customer care. 

Many salons fail at this because it does require some form of work. Simple when you know how and so powerful when implemented. If you want your business to grow and deliver you a lifestyle wage and life then you need 3 things to be happening in your salon. 

1.    A great team

2.    Freedom

3.    Money 


When you start building your customer service system it’s all about EVERY team member delivering remarkable service time and time again. It’s NOT all about you anymore. It’s about your team caring for the client like it’s you, and the clients love it. It’s now all about the salon. 


When your systems are in place and clients fall in love with the salon, it frees you up to have time off or to work on other projects in the salon. Being consistent every single day is the key to great customer service 


When your team can perform to a high standard consistently it naturally has a ripple effect on client retention, rebooks, service spend, retail sold, staff retention. 

These factors alone will fast track your salon and your profits. 

So now you know the difference between customer care and customer service what are you going to do about lifting your game? I would start with a simple system. Start small by looking at what you are doing now and how you can systemise it so it’s consistent and client focused. Get the team trained well, practice with them and then watch to see what happens next. This is so important in my teaching that I have dedicated two modules to this. The salon owners in my Lifestyle Salon Systems program work through this to get their salons to deliver 30%+ growth. Mastering this first will help your salon grow strong, deliver good profits and get your staff to hit targets week after week. There is no point in attracting new clients to your salon if you lose them because of your staffs inability to look after them at a certain level. 

You can check out a webinar I did that explains one of the systems required. CLICK HERE TO WATCH 

When you’ve mastered one system move onto the next. Break them down by department and touch points. 

Work smarter 


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