Where you spend your time is where you make your money



Richard McCabe

Why working ‘on’ your business will give you more in return than working ‘in’ your business. 

For every salon owner, there will come a time when your salon has outgrown you being the main earner. 
If not now, then it will come… so be ready. This is the time when you need to step away from doing and learn how to manage people instead of managing your clients. Every hour you spend working in your business is an hour lost driving your business to where it is meant to be. 

Someone at some stage has to DRIVE your salon.

  • DRIVE clients in the door
  • DRIVE your staff to better things
  • DRIVE your profit

This isn’t a story of ‘you must give up what you love (doing clients) to work on your business’, but, it’s a story of a pay-off. 
If you work out how many hours you want to work a week, you must have an idea of how that time is going to be best spent. For some salon owners, it’s fully behind the chair and then an afterthought of working on the business. 

So how do you start to step away?

What I did was delegate some work to others and cross off an hour each week, then that hour became two, then three and so on.
Delegating some of your workload is a great way to offload some of the pressure ·     

  • Staff training·     
  • Stock control·     
  • Stock ordering·     
  • Cleaning·     
  • Emails·     
  • Client complaints·     
  • Computer work·     
  • Marketing·     
  • Paperwork 

What can you delegate to your staff? This doesn’t have to be complicated and doing simple things more often will grow your salon faster than trying too hard. Just by sitting down, taking some time out from all the doing and looking ahead to where you want to be will be the simplest thing you can do.  

Looking towards the end of the year.

Do you know what your expected turnover is going to be? Do you know how much profit will be left? Do you have targets in place to encourage your team to keep focused? After all, you are in business to make money. 


Now for the so simple thing that most salon owners don’t do.  You need to monitor your staff and let them know how close they are to their target; this needs to be done on a daily basis. The staff need to know how close they are to hitting their target. It always amazes me when a staff member realises they can actually hit their target; they go for it in a big way. But when they think they can’t make it they won’t even try.


So all you have to do is be repetitive and help them along. Show them what they are doing works. As an owner, it’s your job to encourage and show them how to hit their targets. If your stylist asks 100 clients to buy shampoo they may get a 10% hit rate, that’s 10 shampoos, but if they ask 10 clients, it’s only 1 shampoo sold. They need to be repetitive with their work also.  Show them how to do it, role-play scenarios with them. If you can get 1 stylist to follow you, they will all follow you. This is just one example of how to earn more money in the salon. Simple but very effective 

Richard McCabe

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