Richard McCabe

For money?

But you could make money by working for someone else, right?

Like most salon owners you started your salon to do good work, give love to the clients, build a great team around you and of course have freedom…….

This is important because……….

Most salon owners lose sight of why they started their salon.

The day to day grind of juggling the hours, staff and bills becomes way too much and consumes you.

So what is it your salon should be giving you?

FREEDOM – the opportunity to have a lifestyle, the chance to spend more time with your family

A GREAT LEADER – To be a mentor to your team, to grow them as people in life and help them grow their career 

MONEY – This is a no brainer but so many salon owners don’t get this, you should be making enough money to pay yourself a really fantastic wage and also share your wealth with your team, they too should be the best paid workers in town.

These are a few of what your salon MUST provide you with, otherwise why bother……

It took me 5 years in my salon life to understand this, a wasted 5 years of just getting by.

I then discovered that I needed to be that type of boss, that business owner, that entrepreneur.

So I went out to discover how to systemise my salon.

Learning how to attract the best clients who don’t care about price!
How to keep those clients and make them raving fans
How to get the clients to fall in love with the salon, the staff and NOT with me.

That’s what I do now, I teach salon owners how to build lifestyle salons

I’m the authority on this; I even have a best selling book on Amazon called ‘The Lifestyle Salon Owner’

Are you are interested to learn more? 

Then come and check me out this Monday as I’m showing a few salon owners what needs to be different to actually achieve this type of salon.

Would that change your salon life?

How would you like me to teach you this system?

Well I’m doing a FREE webinar on Monday 21st January at 7.00am (NSW, Australia) and I will be showing the smarter salon owners how to overcome this, and make a lot more money without any new clients.

The webinar is limited to 30 salon owners 

First come best dressed.

Here is the link http://bit.ly/2yVgizU

There is NO replay 

I only want to work with hard working salon go getters and they always turn up J


Work smarter in 2019.

See you there


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