Why I think marketing will NOT get you more clients and what is the new game changer!



Richard McCabe

Why I think marketing will NOT get you more clients and what is the new game changer! 

Most salon owners need more clients and will decide to do a little bit of marketing to get some more clients in their salon, after all they just want bums on seats. It goes a bit like this, ‘we are quiet at the moment, let’s do a Facebook ad or post in a magazine or in the local paper’. I even saw a salon yesterday doing yellow pages, radio and newspaper, wow what a lot of money being spent!

And now with the introduction of social media, you the salon owner, think this is a great medium to get clients because you now have a budget of zero. You spend nothing and expect results, 9 out of 10 salon owners get what they put in zero response. Most old ways of marketing are dying; yellow pages, adverts in the local paper and radio and most people have moved on to the new and in trend social media, it was great for a while when it was new, but today every salon I know is posting something and your little message is getting lost, so you get little or no return, you start to fall out of love with this new medium of marketing as well.  

Twenty years ago we had fewer salons and more clients with expendable income. They had less choice of where to go and more time to investigate if this was the salon for them. Consumers had less choice of where to squander their income, we didn’t have iPhones, computers, flat screen TV’s and worldwide holidays to fight with. Now our biggest competitor is NOT the salon down the road it’s everything that entices the money away from your salon into another store, like the new iPhone 6, flat screen TV’s, etc. 

Years ago we had innovation with hair, the bob, the page boy, even Vidal Sassoon came up with a new haircutting technique. Everyone wanted it and it drove the masses into salons. I remember not so long ago when Jennifer Aniston had the very first LOB. That’s all I did every day for weeks and weeks, it drove in the masses and the salons that could do the best LOB were the busiest. But after a while, all salons were mastering this and the effect got watered down, and the status quo was resumed. 

Today’s market is balayage and the salons that were the first to say they were the masters were the busiest until all the other salons became aware and copied, and the rush will have slowed down again. So the first salons had an audience of thousands wanting this new technique the stars were wearing, and then all the other salons start posting and advertising and your message gets lost, and your audience is halved or even smaller still. It doesn’t matter if you are the best as the new client has not got time to review all the salons now that are offering this service, they don’t have the time so they may just stop looking before yours.

So I say marketing will NOT get you more clients. 
Marketing will get you noticed.
So what will get
you more clients?
What is the game changer?

I believe very strongly that the business you have needs to be built around your values and what you stand for. Who we are and why we do it. This has to be the number one key to unlocking more clients in your salon.
Your business goals need to reflect your values, they need to be focused on what type of lifestyle you would like, and I’m not talking about the size of your yacht, I’m talking about, who do you want to do life with, which staff and clients do you want to share your life with.

What type of life are you building?

Start with you and what burns inside and build from there, the people who you want to hear this story are waiting to listen from people just like you. Build the salon around your values and beliefs and you will start to spread the word. Not a fad like before, this cannot be copied if it is true to you. Other salons may try to offer specials to attract your clients away from you, but if they like coming to your salon because of your values and beliefs it’s hard to prise away a true believer. 

I believe in this so much that I am rewriting all the work that I use to coach my clients. 

This is the game changer and my clients will benefit from this. I have been doing this for the last year and it gets clients fast. It gets your story out to the clients you want. It also keeps you focused and in the game for longer. So here is to the new game changer.
Game on  

Richard McCabe

‘The Lifestyle Salon Coach’

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