Why make it so difficult running a salon and making profit?



Richard McCabe

With only 3 ways to make more money in your salon, why do so many salon owners not even make enough to pay what they are worth?

I’ve been a salon owner all my life and now I help salon owners make more money, while working less hours in their salon.

That gets me to see 1,000’s of salons set-ups and the findings are astonishing.

It’s not your fault, salon owners. You are creative, you’re loving and you’re givers and that is your magic. Its also your downfall.

I’m seeing more and more BAD advice being dished out from so-called experts that have NEVER owned a salon, NEVER walked in your shoes and they’re telling you how to run your salon by something they have learned from an online course.

How to sell to clients in your salon

How to get clients in the door with discounts

How to lock people into long term payment plans

How to increase prices

How to……… Add what you want here.

What I do know by being a salon owner for all my life is this…

You and your staff don’t want to sell.

You and your staff don’t want to do cheap clients.

You and your staff don’t want to lock clients in that don’t want to be there.

You and your staff want to give value to your clients.

And guess what? 

The clients don’t want you to sell to them, give discounts away to non- clients, be locked in to 12 months payment plans and they surely don’t want to pay more without added value.

So why do salon owners fall for it?

Because you are just like me. You know something isn’t working, you know you are winging it, you know that at any moment things can go horribly wrong.

And that sick feeling of not being able to pay bills on time and juggling money to pay wages is something that only a salon owner feels.

It’s easy to say “do this” to a salon owner if it’s not their money, when the pressure of not being able to pay bills isn’t there. I’ve seen product companies, employees friends, coaches that have never been there give advice, but if you have NEVER been there, you will never know that feeling.

So you try with the NEW thing that might just make it work, that might just make you money.

There is NO fast money to be made in the salon world. 

Those that grow fast, usually crash and burn fast.

Those that work on TODAYS money usually are not here tomorrow.

The ONLY way to make money as a salon owner is to concentrate, implement, build foundations and work bloody hard on 3 pillars.

1. Get more clients that love what you do, because you are meant to serve these people. FIND THEM.

2. Get them to be loyal by making connections and delivering on your promise to these people. SERVE THEM

3. Deliver a remarkable service that they will pay you more, tell their friends how great you are. WOW THEM.

These and only these are your foundations for success. NOTHING else.

I should know, I did these every day for over 20 years and any salon owner that is making money is also obsessed by these 3 pillars.

If you think the golden egg is a bot, a sales banter, Groupon etc, you are just clutching at straws. Yes, these help. Yes, these can turbo-boost takings. But they are not the way to true, long-term salon success.

I have given my life to hairdressing and salon ownership and I have been just where you are. I’ve been successful and made money. I’ve spent it too. I’ve juggled the bills, delayed paying tax, managed a staff walk out and even had to sack people because I couldn’t afford to pay them.

I’ve learnt my skills by mistakes with a NEED to feed my family.

Yes it may have took 20 years. 

But now, I live a beautiful life. My salons (I have now sold) gave me a very comfortable life and I now teach other salon owners to get off the rollercoaster of working hard for little reward, the right way.

I have a community of salon owners that I am doing life with and they are breaking free from the pack.

Today I want you to ask yourself this question and be honest. 

‘Is your salon the success you thought it would be?’ If not, what are you going to do about it?

This success you will pay for. Either with money (by getting a mentor) or with time (you’ll need to learn by trial and error and that can take years)

I want to invite you to check out how I help other salon owners and how I can help you. 

Please do your due diligence and check out who you want to do life with. 

I believe foundations for your salon are the only way to grow a true salon business.

Like building a house without foundations, your house will never withstand the first storm. 

If you would like an informal 10 min chat to discuss your salons needs and what roadblocks might be in your way, feel free to book a chat in my diary here https://calendly.com/isaloncoaching/salonstrategycall

It’s time to work smarter and leave the harder to others


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