Why most salons struggle to attract clients.



Richard McCabe

Are you finding it hard to attract new clients to your salon?

Most of the posts that salons put out are turning the clients away, never to return again.

‘The old way of marketing’ does not work anymore!

The “social media world” has changed this so all of us are now being exposed to THOUSANDS of marketing messages per day – which means that we’re often bombarded with people trying to get our attention.
So our brains switch off, and that means your posts and ads are switched off.
Guess what THIS means – YOUR ‘marketing message’ better be good and on point if it has any chance of breaking through the clutter!
But the reality is that 95% of businesses fail to ‘stand out’ because they don’t understand the marketing tactics that needs to be done to attract the best clients.

Most salons struggle with this because they are just sending out rubbish that no one wants to see.

This video explains it very well


If you want to grow your salon FASTER and QUICKER then you need to learn new skills.

The world cannot change back, so YOU must change to catch up.

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