Knowing These Facts Will Help You Position Yourself As an Expert



Richard McCabe

In every buying decision, be it hiring a consultant or finding a good mechanic, we all want experts. We want someone who appears to have a proven solution and not someone who may waste our time and money.

The simple fact is, that no salon will survive without clients.

Without fresh new clients coming into your salon on a regular basis your salon will always struggle.

You need to realise that the game has changed.
The world outside the salon has evolved.
Most people don’t realise this, but it’s not the same as it was.
With the invention of social media, iPhones and Google we all thought that it would make it easier to attract clients to our salon without the expense of a Yellow Pages ad, leaflets or newspaper adverts, which were always very expensive.
How wrong we were!
What most salon owners don’t realise is that because it’s so easy to post on social media, it’s actually easy for everybody, and now everyone’s posting their work on social media, everyone’s putting their before and after pictures out there, everyone’s trying to advertise on social media which means that your pictures and your posts aren’t getting seen anymore by the people that need to see them.
It has become a very, very crowded place.
Seth Godin, who’s a great motivator and coach quotes that if you’re driving down the road and you see a purple cow it will stand out and you may even stare at it, but if the field were full of purple cows you would think that it wasn’t so special and you would just switch off, not even notice it any more.
And that’s the same for your clients, they are switching off from your work because they’ve seen it so many times before on other peoples pages. That’s why it’s so hard and you may be struggling to attract clients to your salon because people aren’t seeing any of your posts any more, you might as well have just chucked them on the floor or put them straight in the bin.
Let’s change that.
Stand Out in a Crowded Market
Without attention, no business can survive. Problem is, you’re probably not alone in your market. In fact, you’re probably one fish in an ocean of alternatives. So how do you stand out? You become the go-to expert. By establishing your brand as the obvious choice for those who are choosy, you rise above the noise and sameness. It happens every time. You become the shining star among the night sky
Now that you know why expert positioning is so important, let’s take a look at some things you can start doing today to be seen as the obvious authority in your field.

How to Position Yourself as an Expert

Many people wait for it, but sadly no one is going to tap you on the head with the expert wand. It’s up to you. By shining a better and brighter light on what you already have–and filling in some gaps along the way–you can position yourself and your brand as one of the leaders in your field.

Own It

“But I’m no expert.” Sometimes, this is true. Often, it’s not. Even after spending years in your craft and producing consistent results, people are wary of standing up and asserting themselves as true experts. It can be scary; the pressure to deliver certainly increases when you claim expert status. But if you’re ready, if you can help your audience get the results they’re after, it’s time to own your expert standing and shout it to the world.

Define Your Expertise

Don’t be wishy-washy about what you do. Be bold and clear. Would you rather work with the woman who says, “Well, I guess I help people, um, look better and stuff like that,” or the one who says, “I am a blonde hair expert”.

Create an Expert Hub 

One of the most effective ways to communicate your authority status is to create an “expert” website. Many elements are involved, but key among them are good looking headshots, professional design, highlighting your social proof numbers (subscribers, followers, fans), and highlighting the places your work has been featured, and showing your work off too.

Share Your Credibility Story

Your expert story is critical. It connects you to your audience, establishes authority, inspires hope, and motivates action. How do you accomplish all that with a single story? Start by sharing your WHY, allowing people to relate to you. Then describe your sources of deep knowledge to demonstrate why you know more than the average tinkerer (certifications, degrees, years of experience, firsthand trial-and-error, etc.). Finally, share your personal stories of success as well as the stories of your successful clients and customers.

Go Beyond the Blog Post

There are dozens of ways to share your message outside of your blog, but one of the most effective at positioning you as the expert is public speaking. As a salon owner the best way to do this is to do little videos or Facebook lives or whatever social media platform you choose to use. People will listen to you and feel as though you are talking with them. It might seem scary at first but once you’ve done a few and you see how people connect and interact with you you’ll be loving it! They’ll be no getting you off the screen!

Play Hard to Get

The harder something is to attain, the more we value it. It’s human nature. So while you should be available to your audience, you shouldn’t be too available. Get your clients to rebook and make it hard for people to get in on the spur of the moment.
The non-authority will open the door to anyone and everyone who wants it done ASAP. This tactic gives the impression that you’re begging for business. The true authority, the one people clamber for, will be booked out and have a waiting list.

Get Media Attention

Get in print, on radio, on television, and on other websites and blogs. Then feature the media pieces on your site and in your materials. Working with media can seem overwhelming, so start small. Email small blogs in your industry. Contact local radio stations or newspapers that serve small markets. Reach out to friends who may have contacts in the industry. As you build your portfolio, bigger opportunities will emerge.

Associate with Success 

Authority is like glitter–those who come in contact with it can’t help but leaving with a little on their sleeve. You can gain the same respect and status by associating with the leaders in your industry. Among other things, you can interview them, write guest posts about them, review their products, or invite them to speak at your salon.

Gather Testimonials & Endorsements

Some dear readers will be kind enough to send unsolicited testimonials. We love those people. But hundreds more are waiting to lavish praise on you if you would only ask. So ask.
Send an email to your list asking about the effects your work has had on them. Reach out to colleagues, asking them to offer an endorsement of your expertise.
Social proof is among the most powerful expert triggers. Instead of waiting for it to fall into your lap, take an active role and gather as many honest and compelling testimonials as you can.
There you have it, the power of expert positioning and a few tips to help get you started.
This is so important that it’s the first thing we teach new salon owners as they join us.
We have created a unique system that takes salon owners from ordinary in the eyes of prospective clients to being the number one choice for them.

And remember experts get to charge a lot more for their services!


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