Why salon culture is so important, it will actually save your salon.



Richard McCabe

Get the right systems in place and the right people working for you and your salon will thrive. Just concentrating on superstars and how much money they make, you will always end up barely surviving in the end!

You cannot buy people who don’t want to be bought!
People that can be bought only work for money.
So how do you install LOVE into your staff if they are mercenaries?
Imagine your team, all money orientated chasing down targets to get their bonuses, selling retail and up selling the clients on almost every visit!



Motivated staff that seem to be getting results and making money.
But I see it differently…
I see greedy money hungry staff, that try to book as many clients in their column as possible, squeazing and rushing clients. Up selling services with the focus on making more money NOT client focused at all. I see the client walking out with retail products that they don’t really need.
How long before these staff get caught out?
Not long.

Clients will soon see through them and tell you with their feet, they are not coming back.
It will be a while before you realise clients are dropping off. New clients will come and think your staff are wonderful, attentive and professional, as they sell more retail and up sell. 
One day new clients will stop coming the word is out and gaps WILL appear in the appointment book.

The bonuses that drove your greedy staff will dry up as they will find it harder and harder to hit target.
What do you think the mercenaries will do now?

  • Do you feel they have any LOVE for your salon?
  • Do you think they care about other staff members?
  • Do you think they care about you?

If you are looking for your staff to LOVE your salon then they must believe in your salon culture. And that all starts with you.
Most staff want to belong to something bigger than money, them and even you. I call it the Kim Kardashian moment.
Your staff need to feel what they do is making a difference to your salons success.Their success.Your success.

And by you building systems to help them achieve that you are actually building a culture in your salon.

  • Some call it a salon standard
  • Some call it culture
  • Some call it belonging 

What it really is, is a common goal for all staff to aim for and live up to.

They need to feel that their actions on a daily basis ACTUALLY make the salon better.

This has NOTHING to do with money and EVERYTHING to do with money.
The money is just a milestone that makes things ‘happen.’
It’s the ‘happen’ that will build the salon culture
If you spend your time working on this it pays you back 10 fold 

Where do you start?
Well you need to know your salons goals for the year?
Share them with the team, let them know what’s expected of them and help them achieve it.

This is so powerful it has the power to grow your salon so strong, it will not need you 🙂 


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