Why You Need To Make Your Salon Stand Out!



Richard McCabe

If your salon isn’t standing out from other salons in town then you’re perceived as just being the same as all the others. 

That being said if you’re the same, clients can only judge you on price, and unless you are the cheapest salon in town this is NOT what you want to be known for.

It doesn’t matter how good you are or what you do differently until the client walks in your salon door.  They will never walk in the door if they don’t know what it is you are good at.

So how do you let new clients know that you’re good?

With lots of salons vying for prospective clients attention it’s getting harder and harder for you to get seen and noticed by new clients.

If your salon isn’t growing then it’s dying

If you don’t get new clients booking into your salon you’ll soon start seeing gaps in the appointment book, with the average salon losing 26% of its current clients it soon becomes apparent that the staff are having more gaps and breaks between clients and before you know it the bank account will be looking a little lean and you need to juggle which bill to pay next.

I know, I have been there, I became the master of juggling the bills and staying just one step ahead.

At this stage your staff will be demoralised and it’s too late to make a quick turn around.

And who wants to walk into an empty salon anyway.

But you can turn it around.

If you get this right, and get your salon to stand out clients will see you and know what it is you do well.

You will not be picked as the salon of choice on price but on your skill and what you can do for them.

So how do you make your salon stand out from all the other salons out there?

Every salon posts specials and discounts to get clients to choose them.

They post before and afters like crazy.

Does this work? Is it working for you?

On average every person today is bombarded with around 5,000 adverts and posts a day with someone trying to get your attention, your brain filters out what you want to see and what you don’t. 

So the best way to be seen is to post what they need, what they are seeking.

You just need to know what these prospective clients are looking for.

If we can categories people into 3 buckets on how they look for a new salon. 



  • Bucket 1 (3%), are ready to buy now and will be tempted with a discount and special.
  • Bucket 2 (67%), will buy when they are ready and will have checked out salons in their area to make sure their next salon of choice is the right salon BEFORE they leave their current salon. They don’t make hasty decisions and don’t look at price as their driving factor.
  • Bucket 3 (30%), are the hard-core salon clients that will NOT leave for years, you know them in your salon and they will still be banging on your door when they’re 100.



So which do you feel is the right bucket for you to go after.

Most salon owners aim for the 3% bucket because it’s easier and because they just send out specials to make clients call this salon.

Not many want to aim for the 67% bucket, the most loyal salon clients you can find.

To attract these salon clients requires a little more work to get them into the salon, but when they come they stay around forever. This is the real fix to get your salon busy and not just sticking a band aid on todays problems.

You and I both know that there are too many salons operating in your town, and they are all after the attention of new clients. You can fight to get the attention and fight to get them in your salon on price but it’s a battle and once you enter that war zone you will be fighting to pay the bills forever.

So what does it take to make your salon stand out and get the 67% bucket salon clients to become raving fans of your salon?


  • 1. You want to make sure every post gets seen by prospective clients that are looking for a new salon right now and they get to see your post. 
  • 2. You want to post regularly and with the intent of making that client stop scrolling right now and pay attention to YOU.
  • 3. Build momentum for you and for them.
  • 4. When they check you out, you are waiting with the right content that they want to see and need to win them over.
  • 5. Every prospective client leaves their salon because they are NOT getting what they want. If you know what they want, then you post what they are looking for.


Check out this video on how I made my salon stand out and how I help salon owners to stand out also.

This unique system will take your salon from famine to feast in a very short time. 

Right now, as I said, most salon owners don’t want to put the work in, they would rather work hard all day than work smart once.

If you like the video from above then you can check out a full training video that will teach you what you need to do to not only make your salon stand out, but to grow your team, clients and bank account. You can check this out here.

Below you can see what impact this is having with salon owners right now who are implementing this new unique system.



So if you are tired of having empty seats, quiet staff and money issues then it may be time to be one of the smart salon owners like these in my coaching group. 

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If you want a complete fix, a LIFESTYLE salon then you need to work on a few more elements, 9 in fact. These 9 elements will build strong foundations and change your salon forever.

How do I know this?

Many years ago I was a salon owner that had a busy salon, staff and things seemed great to start with. As I grew the salons taking I didn’t realise it but I was growing a beast in the background. That beast was the bills, they grew and grew and the only way to tame the beast was for me to work harder and longer than ever before. My staff didn’t seem to care enough to help me and the clients seemed to only want me. I was a busy fool.

At breaking point, when I had enough, I set about finding new ways to make this work.

I set about transforming my business one element at a time and the change was phenomenal and I seemed to be able to not only tame the beast but to forget it existed at all.

Year after year we grew the salon, but it was different this time, it wasn’t frantic, it was controlled. The staff were busier than me, and clients asked for them first. The salon ran smoothly when I wasn’t there, the staff looked up to me, they knew my role was to grow the salon and grow them as people. 

I loved making the salon busy.

I don’t know what was the defining moment but the salon was a dream to own. It paid me lots of money, I had time off with my family and I had freedom. 

Taking everything I had learnt over the years and figuring out what worked and what didn’t I soon realised that it was much simpler than I thought. 

I could see clarity, I saw something that was so unique, so brilliant and so simple that it changed my life forever. I knew what I was about to build in my salon was a game changer, life changing systems that will get me to my dream, I knew I wanted a lifestyle salon, I knew I wanted to live in a certain suburb, I knew what school I wanted my kids to go to, I knew I wanted more freedom, more purpose and more money in life. 

I wanted to thrive not just survive. 

So I went about systemising my business based on the 3 core pillars, consisting of 9 accelerators, that grow businesses fast. 

Attract – Set my salon apart from other salons and attract clients at will, get more bums on seats. 

Convert – Get clients to become raving fans, get the clients to visit more often 

Deliver – Bring back the client experience, the ‘wow factor’ like they have never seen before, get the clients to spend more each and every visit. 

I learnt how to attract clients to my salon, in a different way from any other salon in town, so that clients chased me, not the other way around, me chasing them. 

I then learnt how to convert these clients to come in on my quiet days and come more often and the difference was thousands of dollars, no one else was doing this, and they’re still not. 

We then realised if we delivered an absolutely remarkable result that was predictable every time the clients came in, then clients stayed an extra 2-3 years more than any other salons in town. Attract, Convert, Deliver grew my business to give me the lifestyle I dreamed of many years before.

You will have the same power and the same knowledge that I had all those years ago, but without wasting time because they’ve been tried and tested. You will have noticed that the world outside your salon has changed and will keep on changing. 

The savvy salon owner will learn to adapt, because the staff have changed and so have the clients. 

The salon owner that says the world needs to change to him is wrong and will be left behind.

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