Why your facebook posts do not work?



Richard McCabe

Has anyone ever told you that the reason why someone didn’t come to your salon after seeing your Facebook post was because they ‘weren’t your ideal customer’?

Well, that’s a lie!

Either the person telling you this is confused OR they said it to make you feel better.

The reality is that if people are not calling your salon after seeing your posts, that’s on you…
…and that’s a GOOD THING.
It means that there is something that you, the salon owner marketing dude, can actively change in order to increase your salons takings month after month.

After helping hundreds  of salons reach their goals, I can confidently say that ONE of the things keeping them stuck is Murky Messaging.
They are sending out messages to prospective clients that just doesn’t cut it.

We call it the 10 commandments and in my private coaching group we’ve been mastering this for the month of January.
It’s all about taking the client through a journey to see that what you offer is what they’ve been looking for all their lives.

  • A connection
  • A purpose 
  • A place they feel comfortable in

It’s simple to produce and is THE MOST POWERFUL form of marketing a salon owner can do.
You and I both know that what we offer is very personal. 
And the clients NEED to know it’s safe in your salon.

If your posts and ads have stopped working then you need to move to the next level.

Most people will say post about pain, or what the clients want and need. 
Well, that only works for so long.
This is the next step.
This is next level stuff.

What we are teaching is not the ideal customer but the ideal salon, for the customer.


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